Renovation Plans

EXTERIOR IMPROVEMENTS (minimal improvements required since prospective use coincides with its last use)

  • Install area lighting and security cameras
  • Close Tyler Lane entrance
  • Utilize front entrance as primary entrance and exit
  • Add pavement in grassy area
  • Install new cafeteria handicap ramp and entrance
  • Replace windows to match library
  • Scrape and paint all windows


  • Prepare all office space for lease
  • Test for lead; strip and repaint
  • Install heat valves
  • Rezone heat to match time of use
  • Install new wall in cafeteria to separate kitchen area
  • Create a multi-purpose room
  • Add desk for receptionist


  • Paint and refinish floor
  • Install insulated ceiling


  • Repair fire damage
  • Install two new heat pumps
  • Create multi-media learning center


  • Refurbish as needed

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